Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Strong!

Another old poem. I know, it has a really gay title. Shut up. X3

I'm strong!

"Thank you..."
I whisper with tears in my eyes.
I've wandered,
A lonely soul,
And repented my crimes.
I've been mislead time and time again
Into thinking I was home.
But weakness revealed
My dark secrets and flaws.
They all ran away
When my true self escaped,
But you...
Were there.
For me!
And you brought with you
Many more
I can't believe you all took me in,
And whilst I clutch myself in nocturnal embrace,
Watchful vigil,
In case the demon comes out,
I know I may be able to sleep...
So I try,
And I see that I'm strong enough enough!
Don't know how it happened,
And I don't know why,
But maybe...
I'm forgiven a bit.
By the one that I left behind.
Succumbing to the
And indecency of it all-
Of yourself-
Oh, we have all been there.
My unfolding tale,
Of the impossible...
It is all too impossible
Maybe I'm just not right in the head.
After all,
I feel their pain,
So why can't I feel yours?
I just hope I can stay with you.
And ever.
And ever!
But, really...
I don't have many doubts!
Took me in...
I'm home again...
Warm, sympathetic eyes...
Won't leave me anymore
And I know..
Cause I've been there.
Or have I?
Who cares.
I can live again!


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