Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Season, New Life

When the world shudders
For the last time for a while;
When that valedictory, dank chill
Wafts on the air;
Some hold their breath,
Some throw back their heads,
And others say,

The first flowers
Struggle to the surface
And break free of the frost;
The first
Stray cats
Start to come around again.
And more living creatures
Accept my embrace.

The first
Dawns on that sad, tired emptiness;
Oh, it is the first smile I've worn in forever.
I want this to be the time
When I can live without regrets
And when the marigold sun beats down, warm
On Earth's dwellers.

Just a bit of happiness to cherish,
Just a bit of love to hold;
Just a day more like this and I'll be in heaven
Living stories untold.


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