Friday, March 6, 2009

Thoughts of Dreaming

I know that one day,
In a time far away from here,
Wishes just now barely grasped
Can be understood
And flutter within our reach.

And I know that one life,
So seemingly disposable
Will continue to linger,
Arousing anguish in a trapped soul.

And I know that somehow,
The children must forge forward.
I know that some way
She will force her eyes awake.
I just feel,
That by some means,
He will pry open his heart,
And the two fated will walk
Their never-ending path.

The steps they take,
As they relish the sunlight are
Overseen by a higher power and
They are kept safe;
Even while
Balancing precariously
On the thin, waning cloud Dream.

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