Sunday, April 19, 2009

Komori Uta

Innocent Child
Lying deep within,
'Tis time to rest your head for the morn.
Aren't you?
From adventures of today;
For through your eyes
The world is but wondrous.

You hesitate as
Those peepers gently
Shut off all the world has to see;
You're daunted,
Aren't you?
By problems you dare not speak.
I do not assume
You're too small to understand.
If you don't let me see
Beyond those wide eyes, luminous,
Bright with the carefree
Manner you assume,
I will not mind,

I will always carress you,
My baby, little one,
Without need or reason;
I will watch over.

Even when I'm gone;
Even when I die,
From the clouds I will watch you;
Never to be alone.

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