Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tale of Sakura

History unfolding
Before my eyes;
Such hope and wonder unbridled,
Two souls, two beings, you and me,
Under the pale pink sakura tree.

A tune floats around my refreshed, soaring soul;
Despair and anguish repressed, do not woe.
I, a child seething
With deploration no more
Because we are here
Beneath the blossoms' ardor.

Quietly singing,
Relishing our short lives,
Remember how it used to be
Monotonous straining,
The pattern repeating;
Monotonous draining
From the strife?
But no,
No more!
The Earth and hearts have warmed.
And that
Has changed

It is

The earth keeps a-spinning,
The pages keep turning,
And all of a sudden it's
Lessened the mourning;
Even if it's still there,
Beneath the tough grin, the smile,
Move on,
Young one,
Disembark from the past.

And the people keep morphing;
Mindsets change, they're transforming
Into something
Or something

And those who mature,
The astounding lot!
"It's okay now,"
The sun
Soaks Earth's dwellers
With comfort.

Beneath the branches
Of a cherry blossom tree,
Two amounts to more,
Everyone and me.

Even if
My Dearest lies deceased,
New found companions
Assuage me.
Here, below arbors,
And nourishing skies
Nothing turns to something
As winter subsides.

Who knows what
Tomorrow will hold?
For the fist time
Since this time last year,
When the sakura
Give us life.

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