Friday, May 29, 2009


Let's let the sky explode!
Let the low growl of thunder,
Erupt, screech!
Let reality rupture!

Let's get drenched, and let's dance,
'Cause we're 'woken, we're lively.
Let's scream and be children,
O, sickly orange glow!

Let's get lost in this magic,
Let's get drunk off the clouds
And the tears, tears, tears
They sob.
Oh, maybe, just maybe
They ain't cryin' for sadness
Maybe they're rejoicin'!

Prehaps they weep
Wth glee!

Just like us,
Just like us,
O ame-sama, darlin'.
Let's let the lightning clash
And let the sky split open.
'Cause the rain likes to cry
Behind a mask of clouds...
Just like us, ame-sama!
Let's dance, let's dance!

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