Saturday, August 1, 2009

Between Poetry, Song, and a Lonely Feeling

My name holds truth,
My arms are shiverin'.
My mind is blank;
I get left behind...

"More poetry, more words,"
I say
In an empty room,
And there I sway.
Left, and right
To my own beat
In a world apart
On a barren street.

People line up
To pass me by,
Longing for those faces lost.
And in this crowd, that's all I see...
Faces of those gone
On the faces of thee.

So I just put down my pencil and sing.
No more words, just lovely sound.

A trilling noise soon deepens
In pleasure
As my hands wander
To satisfy.

"Forget, forget,"
"Forget, forget,"
(When you cannot see)
(A promise lost)
(At whatever cost...)

"...Go on."

Somewhere between poetry
And song.





Writhing in my own right
Just so I don't feel lonely...
Ya'll left me alone,
So let me burn,

If you can't see me,
Than I've succeeded.
Sometimes I just wish
I were invisible...

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