Wednesday, July 29, 2009


... I just read a freakishly dark fanfic about Ranma and Akane being forced to live in the mental state of cats for the rest of their lives...

And apparently Akane will bear her mate many litters of "kittens" when the time is right.

Which is where the story leaves off.


Generating the obvious response from me: W... T... F.

I mean, I've written a deathfic before. But no deathfic could ever be as sad as that.

In mine, Akane basically becomes dead inside after Ranma's death, insists on going to school the next day for a feigned attempt at normalcy (so that she doesn't go insane), but just can't handle it when her classmates ask her where Ranma is and why he isn't with her. She starts sobbing and freaking out, hyperventilates, and falls to the ground as the first drops of November rain begin to fall. (One of the songs used in the anime was called "November Rain," and yes, that was supposed to be an illusion to that song, as Ranma is apologizing for upsetting Akane in it. In fact, it's not even supposed to be November in my fic, but whatever. XD) Noticing the commotion, Ukyou, Shampoo, Mousse, and Ryouga gather, along with classmates, and ya know, other characters and stuff (Yeah, that was kinda corny, I admit XD)and hear the news for the first time. They all... well yeah, everyone's pretty much shocked and depressed and mourning and stuff, which is the biggest understatement I've made all day. Then Ranma's ghost appears to Akane, and they kiss. Sad sappyness ensues. Those gathered assume Akane is going mental, as Ranma does not appear to them, only Akane. They talk, and it's pretty angsty. He apologizes for dying and having to leave her (among a few other sappy things, I really don't remember what, since I wrote it quite a few months ago), and then disappears/ascends to heaven/whatever ya want to call it. (I'm pretty sure he asked her to go on living for his sake, or something along those lines.) Akane then returns to the normal world, screeching for him not to go. Nabiki, sympathetic and mourning in her own right, takes her wobbly and shaken little sister back home.

Sad, right? Well, wait till the end.

Akane wakes up, screaming Ranma's name. Ranma, Soun and Genma rush to Akane's room, expecting her to have been attacked, only to find she had a nightmare. Akane is beyond relieved when she finds out that it was just a nightmare, and starts crying tears of joy when she sees Ranma's face. Soun and Genma leave, and Ranma asks her what her dream was about slightly blushing. Akane turns all red, and-- as you can guess-- says something along the lines of, "Nothing, baka," as she is still rattled from the terrifying nightmare. Ranma blushes, tells her goodnight, and walks out of her room, softly murmuring "I love you," as he exits. Though whether this is just Akane's ears playing tricks on her, she doesn't know.

So all-in-all, not really depressing. Even if I decided to kill Ranma off for real and let Akane fall into depression, it would still be happier than the insanely dark fic I mentioned at the begining of this post. Remember the lighthearted, childish pair Ranma and Akane? Nope, no happy end for them! They get to spend their life as freaking cats. But at least Akane-neko will bear Ranma-neko many children!


Yeah. You get my point. I'm not saying it wasn't good-- hell, it was pretty exciting till the end-- but... dark. If you're looking for something depressing, read this. I swear, I was fighting tears at the end.

And I know the author put up a warning about it being "dark"... but being the baka I am, I decided to check it out anyway. It's beyond dark-- it's morbid.

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