Friday, July 31, 2009


These trials and tests
On your endurance;
What is the strength of your soul...?
Bless you brother,
For all you've been through,
And all that is to come...

At this point,
We're just
Crossing fingers
And holding back our tears...
'Twill be okay,
That's what we say,
But we've really no idea.

I fear for the dream,
I fear for reality...

But most of all,
I fear for you...
(...Fever.... few...)

Oh, brother, dear,
You are my angel too.
Left to my devices,
You were all that remained here.

When it got so turbulent and black...

You were a constant...
With your figures... and your facts.

Don't rip it all away from me;
I don't want to die again...
I'd rather die for good than have
To live through hell again...

Bless you, bless you;
I believe...

You are all I have left,
So you simply cannot leave...

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