Thursday, July 30, 2009

Past Usernames, Boredom, and a Natural High~

Nihao, Minna-san~ Shampoo post now~

Is it me, or does something about a vegan cookie-induced stomach ache at 11:38 PM give you a natural high~~?

Maybe it has to do with listening to the Gorrillaz...

Well, I is gonna make a list of all mah nicknames/usernames now, cuz I have absolutely nothin better to do~

  • Ambey (Alternatively spelled "Ambie," or "Ambi," but usually I spell it "Ambey". It's pronounced, "Am-bee," and it's based off my real name.... funny thing is, people still call me this, and I came up with it when I was 8... XD I also have a nickname that I used in elementary school which spawned from this, "Bambi," which references my nature-loving veganness.)
  • Ambey-chan (Mah otaku buddy likes to add the "-chan" on... love ya, Ichigo-chan~! <3)
  • Shampoo (From the Ranma 1/2 character. I impersonate her at school a lot. ^_^)
  • Xianpu (Shampoo's real name. Most people just spell it Shampoo, since the pun on her name references the hair care product, but this what her name actually is in Chinese. It means, "Unrefined/uncut gem/coral"
  • Xianpu-chan (Self-explanatory)
  • Fnick (What Max accidentally calls Fang in Maximum Ride. Iggy teases Fang about this afterwords, and Fang calls him "Figgy" in return. I love Fang, and my best friend is obsessed Iggy. So we usually call each other Fnick and Figgy. In fact, we even tagged the "F" onto other Maximum Ride characters and assigned the names to our other friends. ^_^)
  • FnickTheBirdKid (Fnick = Fang = An awesome bird kid)
  • TenshiYoukai (Basically, "AngelDemon".)
  • Tenshi-chan (Alternitavely spelled, "Tenshii-chan")
  • 3xKasumix3 (For the pokemon character Kasumi/Misty)
  • vegan_love_force (occasionally "vegan bitch" by Ruler of Worlds XD)
  • Moeko (Japanese fan-term "Moe" plus feminine ending "ko", meaning child.)
  • Noodles (Tee-hee... mah sistah-- ok, well my sister at heart; she's not my real sister-- calls me this sometimes. ^_^)
  • Haiku (Type of poetry. And plus it sounds cool when you say it out loud.)
  • Usagiyo ("Rabbit," plus feminine name ending "yo"... I honestly have no idea what "yo" means-- I think it might mean healthy, but I'm not sure-- but either way, it can mean the ghetto English slang word. XD)
  • InuYashas_Maiden (Shut up. I only used this username once. XD)
  • Hug_Ninja

And my email thinks my name is Akane Tendou... long story....

We all have full names in my group of frineds, like a family. (We refer to ourselves as a "cult"called the TFP. Those Flippin Pandas. ... Dun ask me, I just went along with it. XD) We have a "street name" which is usually Japanese (with me being the only exception), a first name (our Maximum Ride name), and a last name, which usually consists of whatever other nickname we go by. If we have more than one other nickname, there's usally a dash in between the two. Mine is "Ambey" Fnick Noodles-Shampoo. XD My other friends are "Akana" Figgy Lizzy-Kaboom, "Mizuko" Fnudge Eevee, "Hanabi" Fmax Mousse, "Chibi" Fangel Sylar, "Ichigo" Fgazzy, and "Ringo" Fakila Hobo. We have a complex family tree, but currently it lies with "Akana" in Virginia... ;_; I miss you, Figgy...

//Btw, what'cha'll think about a fanfic from me? I really think I should try my hand at a lemon. The plot is that somehow, the Nerima Wrecking Crew ingest/inhale something that makes them hallucinate. Akane and Ranma and Mousse hallucinate about, well, lemons, and the rest of the character's hallucinations will be comedic. Hmm... only problem is, what can I get them all high off of? Chinese Amazon herbs too cliche? Feh... *brainstorms*

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