Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Abstract Clamor in my Head

The night rain pitter-patters,
And my mind is left to wander
Through the city streets
And childrens' dreams,
Over bright and yellow hills.

My thoughts drift through the cotton fields
And the clouds, fluffy and white.
They meander through a blazing forest fire,
And dance among the stars.
They shimmer in a koi pond,
Or hide in a rabbit hole.

They probe through my best friend's heart,
And linger in broken promises.
They shudder with electricity,
And flutter on a cherry blossom;

They float with pure, sweet water lilies and
Mull over my options,
Those dreaded thoughts of the future
That never seem to fade.

And in these places, great and small, there are many things I see...
Innocence and abstract thoughts
That make me want to cry.

Sometimes, my gift
Is a blessing and curse,
'Cause I'd rather stay put tonight...
For, my eye is keen,
Different from the human's;
I can see through anyone's heart.

My brother, for example,
Is afraid,
And no one alive can soothe his pain.

My mother, for example,
Is so tired,
And wishes for sleep as well.

My father, for example,
Is lost in his world
Of anger, longing, and hate...

My best friend is lost
To a land faraway
And I am past ashamed.

These things, these things,
Make such a din and clamor
In my head,
For I cannot sleep.

Yes, I'd rather my thoughts stay put tonight,
So that I may dream
Of other things.

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