Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's been so long...

It's been so long;
Have I been asleep?
It feels like it's been raining
Since this time last year.

"Awake, awake,"
A quiet whisper
On the edge of my consciousness
Rouses me from my slumber.

"We are going to live,"
I tell myself,
"We are going to live again."

I set my quiet dreams in motion,
As the people start bustling by.

"I love you,
I love you so,
You know?"
Is whatt I wanted to say...

But I lost all my chances,
Like my lost brother's car keys,
Now my keys to the Kingdom are gone.

But that's in the past,
And now is the future,
So I let out a terrified breath,

"Be sure you do all you can
This year,
So that my soul I may resurrect.


As of tomorrow, I am in eigth grade.

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