Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wo ai ni

I finally feel.

As a human,
I finally am,
And with these emotions
I am whole.

I want my love to be reciprocated,
But I am content
Just knowing that
I have experienced this feeling;

Whether true or not.

The rules of it,
The intricacies,
The depths and actualities and sciences of it,

I do not understand.

But now I know,
That when I close my eyes
And ears,
My heart starts beating,

For I see your face.

And if my love is unrequited,
Than at least I have experienced the feeling,
For it is one that has eluded me

In my youth,
My haste,
My blindness.

I wish to confess,
And spew lovely poetry,
To dance for you
And make you come my way.

But I have no such skills,
Not when my tongue is tied
Behind my back,
Because of this funny feeling.

If I mouth the words
In a different language,
Would you understand?

If I were to say,
"Wo ai ni,"
"Te amo!"

Would hear my voice
And know their meaning;
Would would you reciprocate?

I don't really know you,
But I know you are nice,
And sweet,
And kind to me...

Like no other boy,
For they are afraid
Of my tomboyish complexities.

I can feel your glances,
Your hot stares,
While we ride home
In the crowded school bus...

My heart skips a beat
As you exuberantly cry out
An inside joke
From across the hall.
I respond
With my stupid grin,
And wish I could tell you how I feel.

If after "Nihao,"
Came, "Wo ai ni,"
This would be so much simpler, then.

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