Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blue-green Tear Droplets Fell from her Eyes

"Just give me some excuse," I say,
"to set fire to the world and ev'rything that I know."

"Just give me some excuse," I say,
"To stand by the docks and watch the whole city burn."

Yes, blue-green tear droplets fell
from her eyes;
and I am enshrouded
in the grayest of wintry
skies; I don't

see any excuse
to send it up in flames--

just the simple
that the whole
world is


O, wintry snow.

"Just give me some excuse," I say,
"to let the blue-green tear droplets freeze where they fall
from her icy, snowflake eyes,
as she lays
on Old Man Winter's deathbed."

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