Monday, December 14, 2009

Love poems are stupid, but I'm writing this one for you.

You are a comforting echo on the edge of my consciousness;
A warm, simple touch with the gentleness of
a butterfly's fluttering wings.

You are as colorful as a hidden patch of wildflowers
blooming with the sound of a rhythmic base guitar.

You are as beautiful
as some overpaid model;
yet you reflect the trait both inside and out.

Your calm demeanor is my lullaby,
and you're soft tawny hair is my haven.

You're eyes are the cool mist of an easygoing soul,
lost at sea, but not truly lost.

You smile and grin no matter the hour
or the situation.

Your forgiveness is that of a saint's, and
small details don't matter to you.

All the things I like about you,
I could go on for hours and hours.

You probably think this poem is both sappy and strange,
yet you still take the time to read it.

I hate love poems.
I always have.

But I'm writing this love poem for you.

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