Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cloudy Daydream Wishes

A pastel, washed-out bunny rabbit
walking along the shore.

Long ears have fallen now, gentle ears, trailing lightly across the sand.
The absence of nothingness, but the lack of substance. The water washes on her paws.

The air isn't salty. There is no wind, no uncomfortable breeze, no disagreeable smell.
No squawking of birds. This place is not unpleasant. The clouds are not dreary, but comforting...

It is morning, a very soft morning. But yet, it is lacking something. The day stretched thin.
She feels a stirring in her chest, but does not know why.

She longs for... what is it that she longs for? What is she searching for?
She does not know. A stranger in her own heart. But she collects her scattered thoughts to wish for... to wish.

She turns her head to the horizon. White against dull blue.
She can see a place across the sea. Far off. ...Perhaps she could go there someday.

Perhaps it is warm there, perhaps, perhaps... Perhaps it is sunny and defined.
Perhaps it is bright there. Perhaps she can smile, pouring out colors like a spectrum.

Perhaps it is a good place. Not perfect, but normal.
This is what she wishes for...

Make plans to build a boat. Distant and hopeless plans.

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