Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm such a loser

Yep. I wroted a very stupid song. XD Called, "I'm such a loser."

Racy fanfictions at 6 minutes to four;
Ya see, they're always out of character--
And everybody's wanting more.
But ya know what?
I'm sticky and sweet
And I've got the rest of the night
To stimulate my fantasies.

Now she's down on the floor--
Burning up as she writhes
In the midst of her uncertainty--
Oh, what a plot twist.
So let's go now--
What've you got to lose?
Oh, it feels so good when you're safe in your mind.

And no one has to know, never,
'Cause we're all losers.
And we don't give a damn
We got some cheap laughs and fake smiles--
That's all we need.
So lets ignite our daydreams.

Story tab, click,
My document manager.
I pick my poison,
Show my passion,
And here come the red cheeks.
"Sorry honey,"
"But we're not interested--"
"--In any kind of girl--"
"--That has a shred of innocence."

Hell feels... so good.
Cause we're all f---ing losers.
And here we laugh at 4:09--
Talking about things that never

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