Sunday, September 27, 2009

Otaku no Poem

The other kids all ran 'round playing
On the innocent schoolyard playground.

They all played house,
Made-up games,
And fought over who was "it".

They sat in the shade
And made cute, childs' talk
Of gossip, and friendship,
And dreams

While I was standing
On the monkey bar ladders
Pretending to be Sailor Moon.

It was lonely there,
With only a few bystanders
Wondering what the heck I was doing;

"I am Usagi Tsukino,
The Bishoujo Tenshi!
And I~ Punish~ You~!"

They sneered,
And they giggled
And threw back their
Cruel, callow insults.

I digress,
But I'd much rather be the weird girl
Then boring and hollow like them.

So with the few "loser"
Friends I had acquired
In those empty yet wond'rous years

I would sit them down,
Tell them the tales
Of the exploits,
The fables and lore.

But they proved equally boring with
Their talk of dorky
Spirder Man,
And imaginary friends.

So I sighed and stood up,
And when faced with the question,
"Where are you going?"
I answered,
With the sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya,

"To find an adventure, of course."

As I grew,
I learned
Much more of these things,
And that I was not alone.

I took on the facade
Of a sweet, moe girl
And tried to find my way.

Moe girls
Are always so popular,
And loved,
And cute,
And admirable.

But lo,
I was the moe girl
That nobody bothered to love.

As trivial things
Like Hopes and the Future
Weaved their way around my mask...

I found a home.

Even if in just the hearts of loved ones,
Seemingly found in lucky timing,
Bent fate...

I have a home in their heart.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What if

How is there
Any way of knowing
What is and what was?
Or what will ever be?

It could be argued
(and for all we know, it's probable)
That nothing has
Ever existed and
Nothing ever will.

I could be a goddess
And this could be my kingdom.

Or what if
My whole life was a dream,
And the next time I wake up,
I'm an infant?

What if
There was never any "waking up,"
And we're just an elaborate
In space?
A manipulation of matter?

What if
We were all a deep, maddening red,
And society isn't
What we think it to be?

(Ah, life is full
Of these crazy what-ifs,
But they are only real to me.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Farewell to Insomnia?

I think I'm gonna sleep,
And see you in my dreams.

I'm tired of being
Tired all the time,
But no one seems to care...

To dispel the shadows and rainclouds
From the sunrise when I wake...

I'll shut those little peepers,
As you used to say,
And get some sleep tonight.


I'm not the only melodramatic narrator after all! :D

"... and what a beautiful caramel colour they were!" Is used to describe Akane's legs in a lemon I'm reading. First of all, minor correction here, Akane is Japanese with a seemingly white complexion. How could any part of her be caramel? ... Don't answer that.

Anyways, I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one who uses exclamation points in romantic scenes like that! I mean, for example, (this is from an unfinished one-shot lemon I'm writting for Urusei Yatsura)

"Well, you know he is a pervert. Always was, always will be. But Lum made it much, much worse. For heaven's sake, she wore a tiger-stripped bikini around him, Kami-sama!"

But most of the time, I try to use exclamation points like that completely straight, which makes it sound stupid... ah well, MELODRAMA ROMANCE FTW!!!

Where the Monsters have been

I'll throw a fit!
For the poetry
Won't flow!

It's late,
And I can't sleep,
And these feelings are jumbled!

I'm grieving, mourning,
Like the morose, quiet fox
Stalking the edge of your consciousness...

I'm excited,
Twitching with forbidden thoughts,
Touched by the wings
Of a scorching Pheonix.

I'm irritated!
And even enraged!
Because of this stupid unrequited love!

I'm tired
And borderline insomniac;
The golden eyes of the nocturnal owl.

And no one knows this of hidden world of mine,
Like a supernova in my chest.

Demons, monsters, and angels meet,
Gathered to hear my thoughts and reflections.

This is what I mean when I say that I
Will recite such where the monsters have been...

For these creatures like to trample over
My heart,
Where my sanity wanes,
And is thin.

I Only Wish You could Bear Witness to this Metamorphisis

These feelings!

It seems
That they cannot be content with
Just one emotion,
Or just one sensation.

They mix!
They jumble, they tangle!

They rest at the pit
Of my stomach and
They flutter in my chest!

It's wond'rous,
Yet confusing,

It's jubilant,
But just so damn painful!

It's ev'rything you could e'er imagine!

The way you see things,
The way you see you,
The way you see
The world...

Like a supernova explosion of
It's something I ne'er felt before!

My world starts swirlin'
As I see your face,
A constant in my dreams...
I start to wail,
For what, I'm not sure,
But I want to scream,
"Wo ai ni!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Poem of Imminent Rejection


This farce that my feelings could
Mean anything,
And this hope that I
Could indulge in
This stupid dream...

It is enough to make me cry,
And I don't want to be a thief...

It's simple,
You've never been mine,
Except in secret fantasies...

No matter when,
No matter where;
Time cannot close this gap.

Let's go back to the simple times
When I could stare into your eyes,
And we were nothing
But blushing schoolchildren,
Sweet and innocent.

Yeah, my feelings will never be requited,
And this poem is so damn cliche...

Because I never thought
I would have such emotions,
Yet I have them everyday.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Lonely Ghost

The pale little white-fleshed girl,
The ghost,
Seeking the purpose
She pines for the most;
And every lifetime,
When her families have died,
She resumes the same manor,
However sly.

All that I Want

Her gentle, silken hands rest
Upon her accented peaks,

Dreaming, longing, pining for him,
As she lets out a little squeak.

Her arms wrapped
Around her own body,
She whispers quietly...

The words she wants to hear
Buzzing in her ear,
Hot and heatedly.

These dreams are so,
So very sick,
And the child knows that well...

The girl can do no more
Than hope and write messages,
Sending them out to sea.

And by chance,
If someone finds these bottles
And scoops them out of the water...

Do you think they would read their content and
Understand the words, "Wo ai ni?"

A nimble, piercing finger draws
Out slowly as she breathes...
And her murmurings slow to a drawl
As the little one dreams of me.

I am lust,
Powerful and almighty;
There simply is no conquering my
And no one--
Not even the small are exempt
From my tantalizing pull.

The child that I speak of now,
Is masking her desires
With pained, anguished glances;

She will write poetry of what she feels at night,
And recite it where the monsters have been.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

... 0.o


... O.0




Yeah, I just beat up my keyboard.

Because, um...



No, seriously! :D I am dead serious here. I rarely like fanon, but hell, we're talking about MARTIAL ARTS LEMON. Like, you know, Martial Arts Figure Skating? XD Well, martial arts lemon. Seriously. (Yes, this is about Ranma 1/2, in case you don't get the reference.)

And it's crazy funny!

Google search the Ranma 1/2 lemon archive and look for A Romp in the Park. If you're into written hentai, that is. ;P And the whole "Sexual Martial Arts" comes into play in Part 2.

And dude... it's like, scary. XD Just because it is.

A mirror; Scolding fire

A mirror. We are all
Looking in a mirror
Of our past selves and
Our similar selves;
Like characters of the same author.

Our author,
Our dearest Creator almighty,
Is no less than God,
And here we dance

In the palm of his
Almighty hands.

The mirror stretches on forever like
The eternal reflection
In an eternal river,
Where we all swim
As the Lord's fish,
In the Lord's clear waters
Which we relish
Forever in our fish-like lungs.

And if we happen so
To fall into sin,
Then into sin we will fall;

Trading these pristine rivers for
An ocean of fire.

"Scolding fire."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Storybooks and staying up late,

"I'll see you next in the realm of dreams."

My bedtime is near
And mommy would be mad
If she knew that I was awake now...

Goodbye adventures,
And goodbye grand tales,
It was fun while it lasted,
But I now I must sleep.

I quietly close my storybook,
Having read and relished the last page.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Let Be

Leave be,
For we've not the words to tell
Of these feelings tonight.

Let be for a time
When the thoughts will flow
In a lucid, unbridled spate...

Leave be
For a time
When these harsh winds calm
To a breeze that's gentle on our skin...

Leave your poetry be tonight
And recite it where the monsters have been.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I hate everyone except my brother and J-pop artists.

DReam forever.

~Yumeno Sumi-chan~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Randomly Short Shortness

Is it only to me
That it seems
That the world is coming
Apart at the seams?


Don't laugh at me, but is there any such thing as vegan pocky? 030

~Yumeno Sumi-chan~

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sumi Yumeno

Yumeno Sumi-chanzu will be my new alias, my new online name. From now on, all other usernames will be changed to Sumi Yumeno-chan, Sumi-chanzu, or some form of it.


~Yumeno Sumi-chan~

Indigo and Purple

Indigo blends with
The deep Purple color
In the dear, eternal sky.

They sing together,
Forever and ever,

Indigo and Purple.

With the charm of an octopus,
And the taste of ramen noodles
Lingering their mouths,

They watch a film
About a young girl
Finding her way in life.

And afterwards,
The colors swim
In an ocean of

Indigo and Purple sing,
"La la la,"
Forever and ever.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wtf is wrong with me?

... o.0

I'm looking over my fanfic I wrote around a year ago.

And just seven words, man,

"Wtf is wrong with me?"

This is Our Song of Life

This is of song of life,
This is our song
Of life.

And this we will sing
Till the end of time,
Because this is our song of life.

A bird reborn in the flames,
Or a rabbit poking out of its den.

A koi fish swimming upriver, determined,
Or a cherry blossom in the spring.

A newborn child's first needy cry,
Or the birth of a star above.

This is our song
Of life, darling,
This is our song
Of life.


Bringing teh lulz since the dawn of manga, my friend. Bringing teh lulz.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Displeased spirits screech from above,
O assailants, o antagonists.

What have you brought
Upon yourselves?
This girl is like you,
One meant to be held.

You have broken ev'ry last hymn,
O parasites, o demon children.

I now turn away from you,
For you have sinned
Against this church,

And your hearts are filled
With sickly intents.

Wo ai ni

I finally feel.

As a human,
I finally am,
And with these emotions
I am whole.

I want my love to be reciprocated,
But I am content
Just knowing that
I have experienced this feeling;

Whether true or not.

The rules of it,
The intricacies,
The depths and actualities and sciences of it,

I do not understand.

But now I know,
That when I close my eyes
And ears,
My heart starts beating,

For I see your face.

And if my love is unrequited,
Than at least I have experienced the feeling,
For it is one that has eluded me

In my youth,
My haste,
My blindness.

I wish to confess,
And spew lovely poetry,
To dance for you
And make you come my way.

But I have no such skills,
Not when my tongue is tied
Behind my back,
Because of this funny feeling.

If I mouth the words
In a different language,
Would you understand?

If I were to say,
"Wo ai ni,"
"Te amo!"

Would hear my voice
And know their meaning;
Would would you reciprocate?

I don't really know you,
But I know you are nice,
And sweet,
And kind to me...

Like no other boy,
For they are afraid
Of my tomboyish complexities.

I can feel your glances,
Your hot stares,
While we ride home
In the crowded school bus...

My heart skips a beat
As you exuberantly cry out
An inside joke
From across the hall.
I respond
With my stupid grin,
And wish I could tell you how I feel.

If after "Nihao,"
Came, "Wo ai ni,"
This would be so much simpler, then.