Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Only Wish You could Bear Witness to this Metamorphisis

These feelings!

It seems
That they cannot be content with
Just one emotion,
Or just one sensation.

They mix!
They jumble, they tangle!

They rest at the pit
Of my stomach and
They flutter in my chest!

It's wond'rous,
Yet confusing,

It's jubilant,
But just so damn painful!

It's ev'rything you could e'er imagine!

The way you see things,
The way you see you,
The way you see
The world...

Like a supernova explosion of
It's something I ne'er felt before!

My world starts swirlin'
As I see your face,
A constant in my dreams...
I start to wail,
For what, I'm not sure,
But I want to scream,
"Wo ai ni!"

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