Sunday, September 27, 2009

Otaku no Poem

The other kids all ran 'round playing
On the innocent schoolyard playground.

They all played house,
Made-up games,
And fought over who was "it".

They sat in the shade
And made cute, childs' talk
Of gossip, and friendship,
And dreams

While I was standing
On the monkey bar ladders
Pretending to be Sailor Moon.

It was lonely there,
With only a few bystanders
Wondering what the heck I was doing;

"I am Usagi Tsukino,
The Bishoujo Tenshi!
And I~ Punish~ You~!"

They sneered,
And they giggled
And threw back their
Cruel, callow insults.

I digress,
But I'd much rather be the weird girl
Then boring and hollow like them.

So with the few "loser"
Friends I had acquired
In those empty yet wond'rous years

I would sit them down,
Tell them the tales
Of the exploits,
The fables and lore.

But they proved equally boring with
Their talk of dorky
Spirder Man,
And imaginary friends.

So I sighed and stood up,
And when faced with the question,
"Where are you going?"
I answered,
With the sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya,

"To find an adventure, of course."

As I grew,
I learned
Much more of these things,
And that I was not alone.

I took on the facade
Of a sweet, moe girl
And tried to find my way.

Moe girls
Are always so popular,
And loved,
And cute,
And admirable.

But lo,
I was the moe girl
That nobody bothered to love.

As trivial things
Like Hopes and the Future
Weaved their way around my mask...

I found a home.

Even if in just the hearts of loved ones,
Seemingly found in lucky timing,
Bent fate...

I have a home in their heart.

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