Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It started with a riverbank,
Forgotten and parched,
The intangible, invisible
Rift between us.

It started out small,
With only one drop of water
(Fell from the shadowed
Facets of the rainclouds
Of heaven above).

It began simply,
Limp bodies being dragged
Across states, across years, across arguments:

The days began to wane,
The moon didn't shine as brightly;

Sun a little less yellow,
Hearts a little more chilly.

"It just so happened
In such a way;
We drifted too far
To allow us to stay

In each others' dreams,
And even our

Shared mem'ries

Could not hold us together:
The glue had come undone."

And the Rift grew as wide as the hole in my heart.

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