Friday, April 10, 2009

Seeing Fate

When the Earth completes
It's roving journey
Across worlds and wonders
Of awe-striking grandeur,
Then it will be
The last day.
In our jointed universe.

Always walking
With one hand tied
And the other holding yours,
There is no time!
As it tick, tick, ticks,
To prolong our fears;
To mull over worries.

I believe,
That even if
The pattern weaves
It's way through eternity,
We will meet again;
Some way, some how,
History will unravel
Threads of scarlet and and gold.

Wise Mother Earth
Has been witness to
All ambiances of lives past and to come.
She has perceived it all...
How will the world be
When we next collide?

My regrets,
My offenses,
It is time to let go
And embrace you warmer
With both arms free.
For there is everlasting,
At least in our dreams,
As time winds
On and on
With threads of scarlet and gold.
Your Eternally Pondering Dear,

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