Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rainbow Revolt

"The children are planning revolt,"

Says the scene girl, the jock,
So popular,
Names known across the school,

"The children plot, oh so
To overthrow our rule."

The open-minded Christian girl sits
In the back of her judgmental class; the misunderstood
Bisexual opens his heart in chorus class,
The quiet
Gender-queer, electronica-loving
Lesbian girl,
And the poet, innocent dreamer who writes too much
(And far too many fanfictions).

The youtuber,
The indie kids,
And the alternative offbeat children,
Playing killer guitar riffs and stalking message boards
That they enjoy to visit
While sipping their coffee at Starbucks,

The somewhat-goths and the otaku nerds,
The Anonymous internet-thrivers.
The Japanese-wannabes, the just plain lonely,
And those who worship Suzumiya Haruhi.
The Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, the Atheists, Agnostics and whatever-have-you,
The losers, the old-schoolers, the new-schoolers, the nothing-schoolers,
And the emo kids all sing:

"We're gonna o'erthrow your rule
With colors of rainbow,

Abolish cut-and-dry colors like white!"

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