Friday, August 14, 2009

Broken Promises

I stayed up all night,
And confided in you
When things were getting dark...

But promise after promise
And quiet, muted whisperings
Were all I had to give in return.

There are the things that I've tried to fulfill
In this awkward lapse of time...

And try I did, with all my might...
But one vow I made that night...

It bested me and beat me up
Till my eyes were bloodshot red.
And I quivered and shivered and trembled and twitched,
All in the name of Dread.

I turned to the thin, waning cloud Dream
And balanced on it for a while,
Till I could take to more no more,
In insanity's grasp
And I let go; tore my world asunder.

And you've no idea, no,
Of just how nice it is
Just to tear all coherent thought to shreds...
And feel burning Electricity
Pulsate through your body,
Leaving you dumb and dead.

And oh, when you scream!
Such a delightful sound,
Like ethereal beating of angel's wings...

And dear, all sin is wicked, I know
But I could never combat with the Dread.

It all comes down to you conscience, I guess,
And you duty to the Lord above...
I know what I must do,
But I'd don't know anything
When the need to engage in such comes.

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