Sunday, March 8, 2009

Love You

.::Love You::.
The glorious sun slowly sinks
Into that sea of bloody fire.
The splendor;
The magnificance of it:
Witness God taking a life.

Witness the emaciated
Grieving left behind.

And witness pained one
Finally being set free.

I hope you can finally
Grow those angel wings,
I hope you can finally
See everyone again.
Tell them I said hi,
And let these tears reach you.
I remember;
I know
How you'd hold me.

Trying not to sob too hard
As we stand united on the orange-red stained precipice.
The wind
Whipping our hair so hard,
And the rip rip ripping
In our throats.
Maybe your spirit is whispering to us;
Prehaps that is the voice in my head.

How I miss it:
All our times spent together.
I won't forget but
I really need you here.
Evrything else could suck but
You remained a constant
Source of eternal comfort.

At least...
You aren't...
In pain...

Tell everyone in heaven,
Like we always used to say.
Tell everyone in heaven,
"Love you."

Reaching out a hand as if
I can gather your essence in my arms;
I will not forget.
I will not forget.
Keeping singing that Nanny,
Like we always did,

"I will not forget,"

"I will not forget."


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