Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Most Random Depressing Thing I Could Come Up With For Now

Looking in the mirror,
Gazing at the infernal image.
To unlatch the cage
Would be to animate the dead corpse
For the hundredth

To tiptoe into a new world
Where everyone is living;
Where everyone has a tale to tell
And a life to live
Would be to cast me into uncertainty
This sheltered existence is all I know;
And not knowing
Would engender
A pain so great that
This numbness
Seems like nothing more
Than a blessing.

Knowing and
And grasping
And touching;
Being happy,
Being normal,
Being with people!

'Tis my simple wish,
'Tis my simple dream,
But so hopeless it is,
I know,
As the window is always
The wrong

I remember,
I remember,
So long ago.
I was there.
On the outside.
I was there.

I was an angel,
With wings pure and white;
I was the perfect
Child of lore.

But no one knew
What I harbored inside, no.
No one knew
How the time-bomb ticked,
Tick, tick, tick tick...

The sadness,
The anger,
The confusion,
And the evil;
Everything jumbled up inside.

As I bravely battled
The spate of feelings
I slowly lost my hold
On reality.
I slowly lost my hold on
My family, my friends;
And they deserted me

The skies are gray now,
The dream is foggy.
The gloom is omnipresent
As we stumble through this nightmare.
I am not alone, however;
I only wish.
I have a demon in my heart;
And an angel in the doorway.

God holds me in His right hand
The world pummels me with it's left.

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