Sunday, March 22, 2009

"So, it all comes to an end, eh?"

An old poem about My Nanny dying. Saaaaaaad.

"So, it all comes to an end, eh?"

In the heat of passion
The truth comes out
And now I know
Our smallest hopes.
You saw it all-
You watched me grow,
But now I'm watching you.
We know what will happen,
Do not try to hide it,
I know more than you think.
Do not strain your soul,
Just try to enjoy
Your last few months on Earth.
Those days,
Summer mornings,
And weeks spent together.
The things we made,
The bond we shared,
The games we played,
And the lives we saved.
But it's too hard to bare it all farewell.
Remember that nightmare,
Of those raining nights,
And those final,
Pleading words?
It happened too soon,
It went by too fast,
And you can read the thoughts in my eyes.
"Please don't go...
I love you.",
They say.
God will take you back soon.
And I'm sorry.

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